Virgo Candle, Zodiac Candles,  Astrology candles
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Virgo Candle, Zodiac Candles, Astrology candles

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Virgo Candle, Zodiac Candles, Astrology candles.

The zodiac collection candles are perfect for any astrology lovers!

Hand-poured soy candles with an aromatic blend of essential oils that will fill your home and senses with joy.

*Packaged in 4 oz amber glass jars.

Why Buy Soy candles?

*Soy candles are eco-friendly
*Soot free
*100% natural- chemical-free
*They will burn for about 25 hours.

That means when you burn our soy candles you will not be filling your home with toxins.

Ingredients: American grown soy, wood wick, therapeutic grade essential oils, glass jars.